Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game

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German developer Ascaron Entertainment brings gamers more open-ended role-playing action in this sequel to the 2004 release Sacred. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel moves the gameplay perspective to true 3D, rather than the Diablo-esque isometric viewpoint of the original, but players have the same freedom to choose from six playable characters and wander the landscape as they please, undertaking quests and cleansing dungeons of enemies and beasts.

Gamers can also gather a wide assortment of unique items, travel, and battle on the backs of mounts such as horses, tigers, and hellhounds, and level-up their character's attributes and fighting styles. Players can choose to battle on the "Light" side or the "Shadow" side, with both choices resulting in a unique set of skills, rewards, and story elements. Sacred 2 also features five different multiplayer modes, including co-op, PvP, and PvE options, and drop-in gameplay allows for seamless transitions between single- and multiplayer modes online.
Product Identifiers
Game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
UPC 894388002110
Key Features
Platform Sony PlayStation 3
ESRB Rating M - Mature
Genre RPG
Location USA
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2009
Game Special Features
  • Explore vast and dynamic landscapes using six different playable characters

  • Undertake hundreds of quests and rid dungeons of hordes of beasts

  • Five multiplayer modes include co-op, PvE, and PvP action

  • Game Series Sacred Series