EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game
EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game

EA Sports Active 2 Personal Trainer Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game

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EA Sports returns to coax players off the couch and "in the game," with the Active 2 physical fitness program. Although the virtual workout instruction is presented in a format similar to the Wii-exclusive original's, special accessories included in the bundle release allow the cross-console sequel to more precisely observe player performances and offer them more detailed feedback. With use of the motion-sensing arm- and leg-strap accessories, the software detects and processes full body motion through more than 70 individual activities, including aerobic workouts, athletic training, and muscle-toning exercises. A heart-rate monitor integrates with the software to display the intensity of the workout, onscreen in real-time. The program can tailor routines for each user, and it tracks individual performances, offers tips, and highlights personal improvements in the various exercises. Internet-enabled users can connect and compare their experiences in an online virtual community space. Those truly dedicated to improving their physical fitness can follow Active 2's nine-week course of exercises and activities, designed by certified personal trainers to encourage safe, healthy results.

Addendum: The game's online servers were taken offline April 13, 2012, negating all online features.
Product Identifiers
Publisher EA Sports
Game EA Sports Active 2
MPN 014633195118
UPC 014633194746
Key Features
Platform Sony PlayStation 3
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Location USA
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 2010
Game Special Features
  • Over 70 exercises to tone muscles and improve health

  • Leg and arm straps included in the bundle release detect whole body motion

  • Includes professionally designed nine-week fitness program

  • Game Series EA Sports Active Series