Manhunt 2 Nintendo Wii Video Game
Manhunt 2 Nintendo Wii Video Game

Manhunt 2 Nintendo Wii Video Game

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Featuring several gameplay upgrades and an all-new story, Manhunt 2 is the tale of a young doctor named Daniel Lam. To keep his well-paying job and satisfy the needs of his wife and two children, Daniel becomes a guinea pig for underground research after the funding is pulled for Project Pickman. Unfortunately for Daniel, the experiments on his body go wrong and he is sent to spend the rest of his life in Dixmore Asylum. Six years later, Daniel still shares his space with the criminally insane and wonders if his previous life existed at all. After an electrical storm knocks the power out at the asylum and the prisoners take control, Daniel leaves the institution to uncover the mysteries of his past and why he can't remember anything about himself. 

Gamers lead Daniel through several different locations to discover his previous life while sneaking past enemies and using objects in the environment to defeat any aggressors. Players learn how to move and kill while escaping from the asylum. As in the previous release, gamers can follow targets silently and activate more impressive kill animations by waiting for the cursor to turn from white to red. Unfortunately, hiding in the shadows is no longer a sure way to safety, and gamers may find themselves engaging in a quick mini-game in order to avoid detection if enemies catch them moving around in the darkness.
Product Identifiers
Publisher Rockstar Games
Game Manhunt 2
UPC 710425341632
Key Features
Platform Nintendo Wii
ESRB Rating M - Mature
Genre Action, Adventure
Location USA
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs, Use of Drugs
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 2007
Game Special Features
  • Stalk enemies and watch intense kill scenes by waiting for the cursor to turn red

  • Create your own shadows by busting out lights but move slowly to avoid detection

  • Help Daniel discover his past by breaking out of the Asylum and tracking down Dr. Pickman