Star Tropics Nintendo Entertainment System NES Video Game Cartridge
Star Tropics Nintendo Entertainment System NES Video Game Cartridge

Star Tropics Nintendo Entertainment System NES Video Game Cartridge

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Before the advent of the virtual console or modern gaming systems like Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 2, and even Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS, there was the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). One of the most popular games for the NES was “StarTropics,” which follows the story of Mike Jones, a teenage baseball player from Seattle who visits the topics to see his uncle, Dr. Stephen Jones. Dr. Jones is a famous archeologist who lives on an isle called C-Island in the South Seas, and invites Mike to visit and help him look for some lost ruins. However, when Mike arrives at the island, he finds that his uncle has gone missing. Mike learns that his uncle was abducted while investigating a strange celestial phenomenon in the tropics. Now it is up to Mike to locate Dr. Jones and find out why he was abducted. “StarTropics” is an NES video game from the action genre with light role-playing elements, played from an overhead point of view. In the game, you play the part of Mike Jones, and follow him around the island as he battles extraterrestrials and other evil characters. Mike is given a special yo-yo by Dr. Jones’ assistant that he uses to defend himself. The assistant also lets Mike take his uncle’s submarine to search for him. On a nearby island, Mike finds a bottle with a message from Dr. Jones, and the plot begins to thicken. The message states that extra-terrestrials abducted Dr. Jones. The villagers on the island may be able to help Mike by offering some clues. The main antagonist of “StarTropics” is called Zoda, and Mike must defeat him and face a number of other dangerous enemies to save his uncle. In addition to his yo-yo, Mike finds a variety of new weapons along the way to finding his uncle. He also finds a variety of tools as the game progresses that help him in his journey. Traveling to many of the isles of the South Seas in the search for Dr. Jones, Mike encounters monsters, labyrinths, quirky characters, and many intelligent animals, including a talking parrot and a mother dolphin looking for her son. Nintendo designed “StarTopics” to be played from a top-down perspective in 2D as you play the star role of Mike Jones. The game comprises several chapters that players must complete in order to advance to the next one. Players take control of Mike and navigate him through various villages and areas of interest while interacting with other characters to acquire important information about the surroundings. Most often, the player has to find the source of a local catastrophe or disturbance. When you navigate Mike into more dangerous areas, the view of the game changes, giving you a closer look at the various obstacles and enemies that Mike must either navigate or destroy. “StarTropics” for the NES is suitable for the vintage video game collector and gaming newcomer alike. With a well-developed storyline and action-packed adventure, gamers of all backgrounds are sure to enjoy the game, which is everything you’d expect from a Nintendo classic.
Product Identifiers
Publisher Nintendo
Game StarTropics
UPC 045496630508
Key Features
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Genre Action, Adventure,  Role-Playing
Location USA
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Mild Fantasy Violence
Control Elements Gamepad, Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990
Game Special Features
  • Varied terrain
  • Deadly enemies
  • Mysterious weapons
  • Cool graphics
  • Intense puzzles
  • Support Elements Cartridge Save
    Game Series Star Tropics