Halo 2 Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game
Halo 2 Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game

Halo 2 Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game

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The Covenant is attacking earth and Master Chief must come to the rescue before they completely wipe out humanity and take over the planet. Fight alone or with a collection of friends in this game to save the planet from a gruesome demise. The Halo 2 Xbox 360 game begins where the original left off. The primary character is still Master Chief and the aliens are back and stronger than before. Play in single-player mode or with a group of friends in split-screen or system-link modes. Published by Microsoft with a release date of 2004 and created by Bungie, this game is the successor to Halo: Combat Evolved. Created to take full advantage of Xbox hardware at the time of its release date, this game is compatible with the Xbox 360. Microsoft and Bungie took everything from the original and gave it a different spin in this exciting action game for the Xbox 360. The familiar base shooting mechanics are present but refined to an impressive level of accuracy and realism. There are more guns, more bad guys, more explosions, and more vehicles, including the introduction of the massive rolling artillery piece, the Scorpion heavy tank. Gameplay in Halo 2 will find the player running, jumping, shooting, and lobbing grenades on the road to defeat the religious zealots of the Covenant. These zealots are trying to wreak vengeance for the destruction of one of their holy relics, the Halo Ring. An epic and well-written storyline takes the player from the outer reaches of alien space to the familiar comfort of Earth as they battle for their home planet's survival. New friends and enemies are met along the way, including a new playable character in the form of The Arbiter. The story rushes towards its conclusion at a break-neck pace, inevitably heading towards the Covenant's ultimate secret in a big reveal that will expose the Covenant's most fatal flaw. A well-developed graphics engine makes every cutscene vibrant and real, every bullet land just a little too close for comfort, and every explosion seem just one missed step away from disaster. Intricate textures, lighting, and detailed rendering create a beautiful and exciting Halo world on the Xbox 360. The graphics of this game push the Xbox hardware to its limits. Friend and foe alike come to life in this high-powered title. Players will be dazzled at just how well the graphics accentuate the action. This second installment in the Halo collection features great gameplay and graphics. At the time Halo 2 was released, the multiplayer action was mind-blowing. You can compete with your friends at home and work to complete the campaign via split-screen and LAN play. Fight with your friends in a variety of fun match modes, including Capture-The-Flag, Slayer, Team-Slayer, and many more. Relive the polished and enjoyable experience that helped turn online multiplayer in console video games into what it is today. The second installment of the Halo collection captures all of the excitement of its predecessor and sets up all the right pieces for combat and entertainment. With this game, you can experience a high-level Xbox console first-person shooter.
Product Identifiers
Publisher Microsoft
Game Halo 2
MPN M41-00028
UPC 805529792234
Key Features
Platform Microsoft Xbox
ESRB Rating M - Mature
Genre Shooter
Location USA
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Language, Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2004
Game Series Halo Series